Hello, I'm Sam. I'm a musician, product designer, and entrepreneur. I love good people, warm sounds, real food, and making things simple.

A useful manifesto for life & work

These are ideas that I have found immense value in. Some I have learnt through challenge, some through reward. When I make decisions, these are the principles that tether me to the higher truth.

Wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it

This is a living document; never finished (#7).

#1Love people. Don’t just pretend to, really love them.

Love is an available choice in every situation. There is no situation or context, no mood or recipient that is beyond it. Look beyond the surface. See the reason.

#2If you don't know why you are doing it, stop doing it.

'Doing' is comfortable. Imagine the thing you are doing no longer exists. If you can live without it, you don't need it.

#3Operate from rest.

Make time for nothing. Wander and follow serendipity. Busy is not the same as productive.

#4Don't believe in money, it isn't real.

Money competes for our hearts because it requires our belief in order to exist. It is an abstract invention; a convenient proxy for an exchange of value. Only see the value, not the money. Let it serve you, never serve it.

#5There is no 'right way' to do anything.

There is no single path, no objective method. Nothing happens the same way twice. Honour and learn from tradition, but never be shackled by it. There is always something new waiting to prove you wrong. Choose the 'wrong way', it's more interesting.

#6A complete mess is more useful than an unfinished masterpiece.

The ugly first draft brings the vision into the world. Reach the end quickly and early. You'll go back and make it better, but you have no idea what 'better' is until you 'finish'.

#7At no moment in life will you be finished.

You will never be perfected. In the meantime, learn how to ask good questions. Be aware of where you've calcified, and artificial limits have crept into on your life. Don't stop growing.

S.Goudie 2018

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